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The Spaceshuttle Endeavor flies over Burbank

nasa plane transporting endeavor On September 21, 2012, I was one of the fortunate many who got to witness a historic moment: the Spaceshuttle Endeavor on its final journey home (to Los Angeles). This is a day I will remember forever. The moment of the flyover brought tears to my eyes as I listened to the squeals of joy and awe from the elementary school kids watching this along side me.

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Los Angeles County Arboretum

Gentle Butterfly on Red and YellowA couple months ago I found a Groupon for a membership with the Los Angeles County Arboretum, and on a whim decided to get it for me and Jon. I'm so glad I did! We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon exploring only 1/3 of the Arboretum, and look forward to doing it again, soon.

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Jon and I just had a fantastic adventure at BabyCakes NYC in downtown Los Angeles.

Their cupcakes and vanilla-frosting-filled cookie sandwiches were delicious, and they were gluten, soy, dairy and egg free (therefore, entirely "Rain-friendly").

I was a kid in a candy store when I walked in there, giddy and goofy while telling the unfortunate gentleman behind the counter "I want one of those, and one of those, and two of those, ooh, and one of those, and..." :)

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Crossing LA on Venice

I admit it, I'm somewhat insane.  A 7.5 mile bike ride on Venice Blvd., across Los Angeles, is not exactly the ideal bike ride.

But I estimate a gas savings of $25/week (even as the proud driver of an efficient Honda Civic).  I get to stay in shape in spite of my busy schedule.  I have more energy.  It's a pleasurable way to start and end the day!

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Avoid 3rd Street

3rd St. is labeled as a bike route, but don't do it. At least, not west of Wilton.  Traffic isn't so much of a problem - there is actually plenty of room for you, your bike, and the plenty of stuff you'll pile onto your bike after visiting the various stores (such as Trader Joe's) on 3rd.

The unfortunate problem with 3rd St. is that, while the main part of the road itself is kept up quite nicely, the shoulders are very poorly maintained. Riding on a 3rd St. shoulder definitely requires a mountain bike.

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Riding with traffic, spending a lot less

In just a few days of using my bike as my primary form of transportation, I've discovered the secret to getting around Los Angeles.  Bike riding removes the hassle of parking entirely, and, believe it or not, I usually finding myself keeping up with the traffic!  Sure, they pass me.  Moments later, I pass them.  Dislike riding behind a smog-spewing schoolbus?  No problem!  Peddle faster!<p> I'm also estimating that, when considering the cost of gas and parking in LA, I'm actually saving somewhere between $2-$3 per day!
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Getting a Bike License

On Friday, 1/11/2008, I began my adventures as a Los Angeles bicyclist by abiding by the law and procuring a bike license.   (www.bicyclela.org/Law.htm)

When I arrived at the police station, the laugh-ability of my action became evident immediately. No one took me seriously.

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