A little about me

Welcome to my personal online playground, where I can show off, experiment, and express myself however I choose. Hopefully you find your time spent here worthwhile.

So, who am I? Today, I am a small-business owner, and everything listed above: web developer, photographer, and gluten-free cook. I'm also someone who cares about the environment, human rights, social economics in the country I call my own (the United States), and the specific role I play in each of these concerns in my daily life.

Growing up, I was a continental-US nomad. Born in Denver, CO, my earliest memories of "home" include locations such as South Dakota, Colorado, Massachusetts and California. By the time I was in high school my spirited (and legally-blind) mom and I found ourselves in San Diego, where proudly I attended one of the most culturally-rich, economically-poor high schools in the country, Crawford High. With my friends all being fairly recent immigrants to the US from distant lands as diverse as Afghanistan, Somalia, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc., I was fortunate enough to have a view of the world, and of American culture, that wouldn't have been available even if I'd had the financial opportunity to travel globally.

With this experience, and a strong desire to tell stories and be a valuable citizen, I am now seeking every opportunity available to create media that helps to make the cultural and ideological richness of this world available to as many people as possible.

Each day brings new challenges and new successes. I'm thrilled to be on the journey.