Rain Breaw's Current Projects

On Festival Circuit:
Underpass: the story of a Cambodian-American family struggling to live a "normal" life in spite of memories of the Khmer-Rouge. (Writer/Director.)

Recently Completed:
PSA for the Los Angeles Youth Network (through Women In Film). Visit www.layn.org. (Director.)

Recently Completed:
"Strange Man" Music Video: a music video of the Toxic Waste song, "Strange Man." (Director.)

Recently Completed:
A Son's War: a short film written & directed by Steven Edell. (Producer, with Benjamin Wilkins and Roman Kasparovsky.)

In Post-Production:
Mr. Sadman: a feature film written & directed by Patrick Epino. (Producer, with Cindy Fang.)

In Pre-Production:
RainBoots Productions' "Bearing It All" promotional film/TV Pilot.