Gluten free cooking

In April, 2008 I discovered I had something called "Celiac disease," and that I rated very high on the allergy scale for soy, eggs, dairy and a few other things in most of the food we eat.  When my Doctor told me I was Celiac, it was the first time I'd ever even heard the word!  Essentially, it means that I cannot eat anything with wheat or wheat derivatives in it.  More technically, it means I cannot eat gluten.  

Within an hour of receiving my diagnosis, I discovered that eating was going to become a big pain in the butt, as I wouldn't be able to eat 90% of the convenient items we are used to in daily American eating.  

It only took me a couple of years, and a remarkable boyfriend who was motivated enough to learn how to cook with allergy-sensitivity in mind, to discover how wonderful gluten, soy, dairy and egg free food can actually be, and how much fun we could have making it.  We've figured out how to make almost anything, from hot cinnamon rolls or bagels to substitute cheese and homemade ice cream, and we've been enjoying every moment.

Hopefully this online space will help others discover the true joy of cooking, whether for allergy-sensitivity or not!

And please leave comments with your ideas, things you'd like us to try and report on, and your questions!

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