Gluten Free Oats, Bridal Shower, Wonderful Friends!

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Last week, some of my dearest friends and family members came to my house for a bridal shower... for me! The weekend will remain a favorite memory forever. And I used the event to try out some new cupcake ideas: Oatmeal cinnamon (using Deb Wheaton's oats from Gluten-Free Prairie) and Ginger Chocolate. They were yummy!

First, let's talk about the cupcakes:  

GlutenFreePrairie Oat Cupcakes

Oatmeal Cinnamon:

These weren't just any oatmeal cupcakes. On the morning that I made these, I went to Pam MacD's to get some gluten-free, vegan chocolate chips for the pudding that Errin and Trinh were going to make. When I walked into the store, I found Deb Wheaton debuting her new line of oats from Gluten-Free Prairie. She had me feel the oats, and they were so soft and smooth. This definitely translated into the cupcakes themselves. I highly recommend these oats!

The oats made it into the pudding, as well (it was compost pudding, and so the topping looked like dirt. Very cute. Very "Rain" :)  My friends know me well.

These cakes were only gluten-free, not dairy free. I thought that oatmeal needed a good hit of butter to go with it in the frosting. The frosting: butter, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, touch of salt. That's it!

Ginger Chocolate:

Okay, I have made versions of these before. They are always winners. Simple chocolate frosting with a yellow-cake cupcake, and candied ginger cut into both. 

This one, however, I also made vegan. I used the soda trick, whipping these guys up into a bubbly flurry and then whisking them into the oven. I don't think anyone knew they were vegan, and they were all gone before I knew it. 

Now, the shower:

It was so incredibly fun to be the center of attention and have all of these amazing women around me!  Errin did an incredible amount of work, and was extremely creative. I'm still in awe of her. She had help from her sister Hayley, who is also a wonderfully creative and talented individual.

And my new family flew all the way from Boston and Florida to be here! Makayla, my neice, even missed a day of school (but she got a photo with one of her favorite stars at the airport on the way home, and I think her class might be green with envy now).

Here are some pictures from the day:

Makayla as a lovely bride (in toilet paper)

Makayla showing off how beautiful a simple toilet paper crown can actually be! She's radiant!

Diana Jeong as a Fairy Bride (in toilet paper)

Diana as a fairy princess bride, being decked out by Master Maria and Bridget (three ladies being girly, but don't let it fool you! These are deadly women, all three!)

Toilet Paper Bridal Fashion

Makayla, Diana and Ampha showing me options for proper bridal attire. :) They were lovely! My soon-to-be Aunt Kim was also decked out, but she didn't end up in this photo, sadly. The toilet paper flower in her hair was remarkable (the work of Laura, I believe!).

And one last photo, just to show the beauty of the work that Errin did: 

Sugared Almonds from Errin Weller

Errin is a confectioner at heart. She even made marshmallows in the shape of butterflies!

I have truly amazing friends.