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A memory

blossoms grace an empty branchFour years ago today my best friend was very suddenly and unexpectedly taken from this world. She was at that magical moment in her life when her dreams were starting to come true; she was a light in everyone's lives, an absolute inspiration to all of us.

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A sweet friend, a beautiful memory

A flower for a beautiful memoryCharlene's memory is a beautiful one, and today is a day to remember just how much joy she shared with those close to her, and just how wonderful life can really be when one approaches it with the most delightful attitude.

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In Honor of Laura Ziskin

Laura Ziskin just before launching SU2C.orgA few weeks ago I read a Hollywood Reporter headline that made me catch my breath: "Spiderman Producer Laura Ziskin Dies."

.... Reading about Laura's passing, however, triggered another very different realization for me.

I suddenly recognized just how much I learned while working with her. Not technically: that I did on my own. But how much I learned about being a successful business person, a successful woman, and what it takes to be an acting force in the world....

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