A sweet friend, a beautiful memory

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Three years ago today a single phone call changed everything about who I am as a person. My best friend's mom called me to tell me that my best friend had been instantly removed from this earth without a warning. The truth of this still hurts more than I can possibly describe, but Charlene's memory is a beautiful one, and today is a day to remember just how much joy she shared with those close to her, and just how wonderful life can really be when one approaches it with the most delightful attitude.

A few key lessons I learned from Charlene: 

  • Never take anything for granted. Everything in life is precious. If something is taking you away from or causing you to regret what is precious, then it doesn't belong in your life.
  • What we give to others does not go unnoticed, even if we think it does. Charlene was an incredibly generous soul who offered numerous people she'd never even met her mentorship, advice and encouragement. To date, I still hear from people who only had one interaction with her years ago and who were extremely touched, even changed, by her generosity.
  • Giggling, even in professional situations, is a good thing. It makes people smile, and when people smile, everyone becomes better, more skilled, more creative, more powerful.

There are many more, but I want to keep this breif. 

Charlene: you are loved. And missed. Your memory is precious and beautiful. Thank you for the time you spent with us.

A flower for a beautiful memory