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I don't write very often, but when I do write I try to make the words useful in some way ;) For 2011, my goal is to use this space to provide a lot of information about allergy friendly (specifically gluten-free) cooking. Please leave your comments, suggestions, questions, and enjoy!

posted by rain on Jan 27, 2013

blossoms grace an empty branchFour years ago today my best friend was very suddenly and unexpectedly taken from this world. She was at that magical moment in her life when her dreams were starting to come true; she was a light in everyone's lives, an absolute inspiration to all of us.

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posted by rain on Sep 22, 2012

nasa plane transporting endeavor On September 21, 2012, I was one of the fortunate many who got to witness a historic moment: the Spaceshuttle Endeavor on its final journey home (to Los Angeles). This is a day I will remember forever. The moment of the flyover brought tears to my eyes as I listened...

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posted by rain on Aug 27, 2012

Gentle Butterfly on Red and YellowA couple months ago I found a Groupon for a membership with the Los Angeles County Arboretum, and on a whim decided to get it for me and Jon. I'm so glad I did! We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon exploring only 1/3 of the Arboretum...

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posted by rain on Jun 15, 2012

GlutenFreePrairie Oat CupcakesLast week, some of my dearest friends and family members came to my house for a bridal shower... for me! The weekend will remain a favorite memory forever. And I used the event to try out some new cupcake ideas: Oatmeal cinnamon (using Deb Wheaton's oats from...

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posted by rain on Jan 27, 2012

A flower for a beautiful memoryCharlene's memory is a beautiful one, and today is a day to remember just how much joy she shared with those close to her, and just how wonderful life can really be when one approaches it with the most delightful attitude.

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posted by rain on Aug 26, 2011

spicesWelcome to post #2 listing five of my favorite things! This week's post is inspired by my Kung Fu classmate's email this morning, asking what he could do with quinoa and red lentils. Also in this post: Tcho chocolate, Savory Spice Shop and buckwheat pancakes.

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posted by rain on Aug 23, 2011

home grown sweet potatoesThe first of many upcoming blog posts featuring exciting things for the gluten-free folk like me, this post features homemade soda, coconut ice cream, farm fresh veggies, home grown sweet potatoes and homemade pumpkin doughnut drops!

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posted by rain on Jul 16, 2011

Laura Ziskin just before launching SU2C.orgA few weeks ago I read a Hollywood Reporter headline that made me catch my breath: "Spiderman Producer Laura Ziskin Dies."

.... Reading about Laura's passing, however, triggered another very different realization for me.

I suddenly...

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posted by rain on Mar 5, 2011

coconut potato pancakesJon and I have a Sunday morning tradition: pancakes. This Sunday, however, I'll be on a plane to DrupalCon Chicago, so we decided to do our pancake "date" this fine Saturday morning instead. We usually make our favorite gluten-free/dairy-free buckwheat pancakes, but this morning...

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posted by rain on Feb 23, 2011

gluten-free vegan cupcakesEver since my scrumptious discovery of BabyCakes, I've been experimenting with making my own interesting cupcakes.  Making a moist, fluffy, gluten-free vegan cake definitely takes practice (and a fair amount of...

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