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The top headline and teaser from today's NY Times is the best example of why our nation has little hope for change.

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No on Prop 8

My Mom on Prop 8 (she's really nailed it):

"When you allow, honor acknowledge acceptance, tolerance and love we all win. Anything that creates more fear, division, superiority and or hate gets a no vote from me. Simple"

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Why I'm afraid of the Hatchet.

When McCain says that what we need is an absolute spending freeze, except in defense and "other essential services," what, exactly, does he intend to freeze?

Thinking about the services the government offers, from infrastructure to medicare to education, police, firefighters, I'd like to know what it is that McCain considers un-essential.

California may have to have it's own spending freeze - possibly even before the November election.  If it does, what will happen?  Will classroom doors be open?  Will firefighters be available to save a family from a burning home?

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