No on Prop 8

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My Mom on Prop 8 (she's really nailed it):

"When you allow, honor acknowledge acceptance, tolerance and love we all win. Anything that creates more fear, division, superiority and or hate gets a no vote from me. Simple"

I have to say, when the campaigning for and against Prop 8 began, I was somewhat annoyed. Our world as we know it is threatened right now, what with global warming, a complete economic meltdown, an energy crisis, a looming water crisis that no one talks about, wars everywhere, famine, etc. I kept asking: what are we doing talking about marriage with all of this going on?

Seeing the intensity of the "Yes on Prop 8" campaign, however, and hearing the ludicrous claims such as "allowing gay marriage means our children will be taught about gay marriage in elementary school," I've come to realize that this is, in some ways, one of the most important California propositions on the ballot this year.


Well, for the reason my mom stated above. We have a proposition on the ballot that promotes constitutionalizing discrimination. We have people in a huge rage against love. Our priorities are extremely out of balance right now.

The last eight years have all been about fear (axis of evil, terrorists, if you aren't with us, you are against us, the list goes on). Can we now rise above the past eight years and our long-time fears to help each other find peace in our communities by accepting each other for who we are and how we choose to love?