Why I'm afraid of the Hatchet.

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When McCain says that what we need is an absolute spending freeze, except in defense and "other essential services," what, exactly, does he intend to freeze?

Thinking about the services the government offers, from infrastructure to medicare to education, police, firefighters, I'd like to know what it is that McCain considers un-essential.

California may have to have it's own spending freeze - possibly even before the November election.  If it does, what will happen?  Will classroom doors be open?  Will firefighters be available to save a family from a burning home?

Will my mom be able to access the medication she needs to continue on to the next day?

What happens when the entire nation has to suddenly start asking the single final question I asked above... will my mom, my son, my brother, my grandmother?

Obama is damn right we need a scalpel, not a hatchet!  Nothing is more likely to cause utter chaos, even potentially riots and, well, serious harm to our internal national security, than a majority of Americans genuinely fearing the untimely loss of their loved ones.

On another note, regarding foreign policy: I'm scared.  I was somewhat young and naive in November of 2000, when election "results" came in and I immaturely yelled at my Republican friend and co-worker: "he's (Bush) going to start World War III."  What frightens me is that I was not entirely wrong.  If we don't turn things around now, I'm afraid history will show me to be right.

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