gluten-free dough is STICKY!

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My cooking this holiday season has been dedicated to making the perfect gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, egg-free pumpkin pie.  I think the last pie I made might have been a success, and so it is now time to take it out into the world and see if others agree.  (My hope is to start selling it!)

In the process, I've made a few crusts both from dough and also from cookies. Specifically, Ninjabread cookies :)  

The dough for either a pie crust or a Ninjabread cookie, however, requires rolling. Unfortunately, the helper used to make gluten-free stuff hold together (xanthan gum) is like magic glue, and so whatever you consider to be sticky gluten-based dough is NOTHING compared to the stickiness of standard gluten-free dough.

This makes rolling it out super-difficult.  Standard-suggested techniques of plastic wrap and excess flour don't quite work.  Excess flour helps, but we are talking tons and tons of flour, not a sprinkle, so eventually it really changes the dough itself as you roll many times.

Jon and I have been using the silpat technique: two silpats, with the dough in between. It's still a challenge to get the top silpat off, but at least it is possible!

Anyone have any ideas or recommendations about how to make rolling gluten-free dough out a bit easier?

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