Gluten-free french toast

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Breakfast this fine morning was gluten-free french toast. 

I made a lovely batch of Coffee-Molasses bread from a recipe I got through Whole Foods just before Christmas, but I forgot to add the xanthan gum and so the bread was, well, very very crumbly. 

This morning, I decided to rescue the bread by turning it into french toast, and it turned out delicious! This obviously isn't egg-free, so I did cheat a bit on my allergies, but an occasional egg isn't too bad.

The french toast was delicious. 


  • a few slices of Whole Food's Coffee-Molasses Gingerbread made gluten-free by adjusting the flour and remembering to add xanthan gum
  • one egg
  • equal amount of rice-milk, coconut-milk or other non-dairy milk to match the amount of egg
  • something like 1/8 tsp of vanilla powder or other nice spice  
  • something like 1 tsp of sugar
  • any other spices or flavorings you like (I cheated a bit by adding imitation butter flavor, and that was nice!)


  1. Combine all non-bread ingredients into an egg wash
  2. Heat a cast-iron skillet to temperature at medium heat
  3. Dunk your slices in the egg wash (both sides)
  4. Cook in the skillet for about 5 minutes a side (or as long as you need - don't burn your egg!)
  5. eat!

Note: these are actually better without maple syrup.

gluten-free french toast