Riding with traffic, spending a lot less

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In just a few days of using my bike as my primary form of transportation, I've discovered the secret to getting around Los Angeles.  Bike riding removes the hassle of parking entirely, and, believe it or not, I usually finding myself keeping up with the traffic!  Sure, they pass me.  Moments later, I pass them.  Dislike riding behind a smog-spewing schoolbus?  No problem!  Peddle faster!<p> I'm also estimating that, when considering the cost of gas and parking in LA, I'm actually saving somewhere between $2-$3 per day! Multiply that by 365, and I've got a month's worth of student loan repayments just by riding my bike whenever possible.<p> Of course this only works if you know the roads in LA, and specifically know which ones to avoid when on a bike. I'm still figuring that out.