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Los Angeles County Arboretum

Gentle Butterfly on Red and YellowA couple months ago I found a Groupon for a membership with the Los Angeles County Arboretum, and on a whim decided to get it for me and Jon. I'm so glad I did! We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon exploring only 1/3 of the Arboretum, and look forward to doing it again, soon.

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Final Grandfather Clock Adventure Travelogue

This final travelogue has taken me a bit longer than expected. We arrived home last Wednesday evening to a house full of happy cats and, well, a whole lot of work piled up. Unfortunately, I'll need to keep this one short, since the work is still quite overwhelming ;) We woke very early on Wednesday morning in the hopes of getting to Cedar Breaks for the sunrise light, and were well on our way by 6:30am. The sun began to show over the mountainous horizon at around 7:15am, so our timing was absolutely perfect.
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Playing with Paka in the Rockies

Louisville, CO was our best stop yet (and we've had some great ones)! First, after three straight days of driving, it was really nice to spend a day in one place. Second, it was really fantastic to see Errin and Jeff, the best hosts ever, and to really see, first hand, just how nice they've made their lives. Finally, Pixel had an amazing time playing with her new "big sister" Paka, with whom she ran around in circles for hours and hours! 

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Enjoying Kansas

Our adventure across the US continues... last night we had a lovely dinner stop in Lawrence, KS, and today we've enjoyed Kansas immensely.

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Coffee, Hotel from Hell, and Gluten Free Cookies

We left Ferguson, just outside of St. Louis, a few hours ago, after the best cookie and lunch stop! Jon foundFree Range Cookies, an entirely Gluten Free bakery, on Yelp, and so we went a little out of our way to visit the bakery.  It is a small shop, and the owner/baker Linda appears to be something of a one woman show, but the donuts are delicious and it was a very enjoyable stop.

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The Grandfather Clock Adventure

Jon, Pixel (our 10 month old terrier-mix puppy) and I hopped on a plane to NY on Monday, visited Vassar and friends in Poughkeepsie on Tuesday, and now we are driving across the country. While this seems like all fun and games, there is a real purpose here: my friends Lois and Jeff have been kind enough to hold onto a number of my grandparent's belongings for the past 10 years, and it was time we finally picked them up. The most interesting piece: a 7' tall grandfather clock that appears to date to 1753.

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