The Grandfather Clock Adventure

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Jon, Pixel (our 10 month old terrier-mix puppy) and I hopped on a plane to NY on Monday, visited Vassar and friends in Poughkeepsie on Tuesday, and now we are driving across the country. While this seems like all fun and games, there is a real purpose here: my friends Lois and Jeff have been kind enough to hold onto a number of my grandparent's belongings for the past 10 years, and it was time we finally picked them up. The most interesting piece: a 7' tall grandfather clock that appears to date to 1753.

Thus far, the trip has been relaxed and fun! Pixel as super quiet and well behaved on the plane and has been in the car so far, and she loved running around Vassar chasing hedgehogs and squirrels. Our minivan is extremely luxurious, and I've been able to tend to work emergencies while riding through Virginia on my iPad.

Eating is a bit of a challenge. I've had a lot of ham and hash browns, and look forward to finding more interesting things that are safe for me. I cheated on a "regular" Dunk'n Donuts coffee (well, actually three of them...), but I can't visit east without doing that :)

We cooked for Lois and Jeff so that they wouldn't have to figure out how to feed someone with my food restrictions, and that was a lot of fun. We made pancakes, tacos and goulash (all at different times of course).

Hopefully I'll write more about this adventure. It's so easy to write with the iPad, there is no excuse for not doing so!

Photos of the beginning of the journey are on Flickr!

Vassar and Maple Grove with Jon and Pixel