Crossing LA on Venice

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I admit it, I'm somewhat insane.  A 7.5 mile bike ride on Venice Blvd., across Los Angeles, is not exactly the ideal bike ride.

But I estimate a gas savings of $25/week (even as the proud driver of an efficient Honda Civic).  I get to stay in shape in spite of my busy schedule.  I have more energy.  It's a pleasurable way to start and end the day!

I'm beginning to wonder, though.  My throat has started to hurt.  Is that just because of the anxiousness resulting from the sheer scope of my current employment?  My age-old asthma acting up as we near the summer months?  Or am I starting to experience the harshest of realities of living in a smog ridden city and riding out in the open next to buses, large trucks, SUVs, idling cars watching me zip past them by in traffic?

That's a scary thought.

Maybe riding my bike will give more people the idea, and traffic will settle down.  Maybe by setting an example, I'll help lead to critical mass and revolutionize the way we travel?

(I've written before in a post, and I will write again... traffic in LA is so bad, I really don't spend any more time traveling on my bike than I do in my car!)