Gluten-Free is not a marketing tool!

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After an unfortunate reaction to Trader Joe's supposedly non-gluten Organic Corn Dippers, I have sent the following email to Trader Joe's.  If you are gluten-free, or if you have gluten-free friends, please help me in encouraging Trader Joe's to get it right.

Dear Trader Joe's --

Nearly two years ago I was diagnosed as celiac. At the time, I was in love with Trader Joe's, and shopped there almost exclusively.  Upon receiving my diagnosis, and understanding that I could not have any exposure to wheat or gluten at all, I began to look carefully at ingredient lists.  At the time, I discovered immediately that I could no longer enjoy Trader Joe's as a viable place to shop, as nearly everything (corn chips, even!!!) was made on shared equipment.  Trader Joe's doors were suddenly closed to me.

A few months ago I began migrating back for the sparkly drinks and an excellent dark chocolate bar.  Sadly, however, I also became excited and lured in, and ultimately decieved, by your extremely irresponsible marketing ploy of labeling products with a cute little "g" followed by "no gluten ingredients used."

I know when I've had gluten or wheat: my stomach gives me severe pangs, my eyes swell up as if I had pink eye, my skin becomes raw and burns.  All of this occurred after enjoying your supposedly safe Organic Corn Dippers.

Sure, you do say in the fine print that "no gluten ingredients used" does not necessarily mean that it's safe for those who must be entirely gluten free.  But, ultimately, I have to say that I find this to be an extremely irresponsible marketing ploy of which you should be ashamed.

Gluten free is not a fad, and should not be a marketing tool.  It's a serious health issue.

I hope you take this email seriously and do not dismiss it.  I would love to know that my favorite grocery story is one I can trust, and I'm really sad say that right now, I cannot trust Trader Joe's.


Rain Breaw
Glendale, CA