Letting Go

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On January 27th, my dear friend and business partner, Charlene Sun, was killed in a car accident.

The days and weeks and now nearly two months since the accident have been increasingly difficult.  Shock and aloofness turned to sadness, and that sadness has now turned to rage.  Such a remarkable human being.  Sure, as all friends do, we had plenty of moments of taking each other for granted.  As business partners, we had moments of needing time away from each other in order to make sure our friendship didn't suffer.  And yet, we were always in agreement.  We understood each other.  We could even complete each other's sentences or thoughts or design concepts.

Charlene's mom, a truly remarkable soul in her own right, told me after the memorial that, according to Buddhist tradition, today, March 26th, is the day we need to let Charlene go so that she can be reborn.

I honestly do not know how I can let go.  Every day I work with Charlene's designs.  Every day I work as the Rain of SunRain -- SunRain, a partnership.  Whether I want to or not, I am constantly working with her files, trying to find how she set things up so I can complete them, trying to live up to the standards we set without the other half.

And yet, I take such comfort in the thought that her soul can be reborn that I will do my best to let go just enough so that I don't hold that possibility back.  She brought glee to the most dull of moments, saw texture where there was nothing, and helped all of us be better.

To that: 

Charlene - travel lightly, find joy where ever you go, and may there always be an adequate supply of boba in your journeys.  I love you.